Thursday, December 25, 2008

Birthday parties

What an exciting day of giving and receiving. We made a new tradition today for the kick off of the Barton's Christmas day. Before we opened presents, we sat down around the tree and sang happy birthday to Jesus. We opened the Bible and read the Christmas story and then Daddy prayed over his family. Then of course it was a 3 and 7 year old tearing into gifts. Jaden couldn't wait when Jentsen was unable to get the tape off so she would have to rip it for him.

We enjoyed having the family to our house for Christmas brunch. Boy was it hard to stay on the 40 day challenge today. But with Jesus's strenght I was able to resist the swedish coffee bread, home made cinamon rolls, but not the swedish rice pudding. That has been a tradition in our family at my Grandma's since I can remember. Now my niece Melanie makes it. You can't even tell she is not a full blood sweed. However, everything in moderation, so I had a small bowl today and I took some for a small bowl tomorrow. The egg casseroles turned out the best this year in my new oven.

Off for the second party at Jimmy's family. Life is good with family and friends. We are so blessed. God made us as people who like relationship with others. He made us in His image. Have you had relation with Him today? If not, I encourage you to do that. Merry Christmas everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS. I LOVE YOU.

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