Saturday, January 17, 2009

God's hand of protection

Every night before I tuck the kids in bed, I pray over them. I believe no matter how many times you pray, God hears everyone of them. I pray esp. for protection from harms and hazards and to keep them free from sickness and disease. God answered my prayers today in front of my own eyes. Jentsen went to put his hand on the table and missed. I was kneeling in the hallway picking up clothes and saw what happened from ground level. It was like slow motion, he fell off his chair with his head going first. He landed on his head and actually balanced on it until his neck gave way and he then crumbled to the ground. He was in shock. No crying at first. I picked him up and started praying over him immediately. Boy he took a hard hit to the head and neck by landing on hardwood flooring. No bleeding, able to move legs and feet, able to walk, and little crying. WOW, GOD is so faithful. I would have loved to been able to see in the Spirit world to see what really took place. I have seen my guardian angle when I was about 17. He's an older man. Some may not believe in guardian angles, but I do. There is no way that Jentsen should not have a bump on him tonight. Thank You GOD.

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WellsHM said...

I wanna see my guardian angel, too!! That's so cool. You can tell Jentsen and Julian are related. Accident prone! LOL