Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obedience can be a Challenge

Lately I have been reading in Leviticus and Numbers. Have you ever wondered why sacrifices had to be done exactly like God instructed Moses. This was so important that God inspired man to write books in the bible about it. There are lengthy descriptions that often become tedious to read. There are Chapters describing the Tabernacle (man's place of worship) and what should look like and how they were to make everything even down to the curtains. God created man with such creativity and vision, you would think that God would want man to worship Him in a place of their own expression. I've seen some beautiful churches, so I know that man can be creative.
I believe it boils down to OBEDIENCE. Yes we can do it on our own, but it is harder to submit to authority to be told how. In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit was not living inside each man to help discern right from wrong, so we can't relate. God would speak to Moses, because He was a humble man that God chose, and the people would have to obey. There were terrible consequences when they rebelled, like wondering in the wilderness for 40 years, or even the earth opening and swallowing families alive. God looks at our heart while we worship Him. Are we obeying His commands out of religious rituals, or are we obeying His commands because we love Him and have a relationship with our Father above. We have the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us, and we have direct access to God 24/7. God speaks to us directly, if we are listening.

Are you going to be obedient with what God is speaking to your heart or are you going to wonder in your desert for 40 years?

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