Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feeling Old in Today's Generation

Today, at Pastor's Wives Retreat, I entered the internet world. I have no children or responsibilities to distract me from learning my way around the facebook and blogger society. I have spent all afternoon setting things up. Some thoughts:

  • this takes time
  • I feel old
  • what happened to the telephone
  • this may be my only post because I won't remember it tomorrow
But I do want to continue this because I have a story to tell. My husband and I are new church planters. This blog will inform you of our journey.

Welcome to Jill's Journey.

1 comment:

Donna Barrett said...

Boy, I hear ya on that, Jill. But kudos to you for pressing through to embrace the language and techno-pen of those you hope to reach with a timeless message - the Great News of Christ Jesus our Lord.